About me

Some quick facts Anders Dahlsjö:
Born 1972, married to Malin with two daughters. Started sailing opti as 7 years old and stoped sailing dinghy as 15 years old because swimming took all time but wind surfed and cruised during summers. Educated as engineer and started military service 1993.
In 1994 I cruised the Atlantic, Madeira, Canarias and Azores with Lady Godiva, the family boat. From 1995 my racing career started as you can read from my sailing merits, below.
Professional sailor between 2001 to 2009 with Victory challenge and Ericsson Racing team as highs.
What I usually say I´m most famous for is this clip from VOR 08/09.
Todays racing is mostly with my own boats, Lady Godiva or our Formula 18 catamaran, But I enjoy racing in teams with ambitions. Search Magazine did a article about me a couple of years ago, it can be found on this link: https://www.searchmagazine.se/artiklar/anders-dahlsj%C3%96_11347.htm



Swedish, Champion of champions, helmsman
2022                      F-18 raid worlds, Stockholm archipelago raid
2022                      2nd Swedish championship in distance racing on SRS, Dominant 105
2022                      Winner, ORCi DH Worlds class A with Martin S, Z30+ Zeus
2022                      J-class Svea, bow crew
2022                      Winner Raymarine 2star, DH with Martin Strömberg, Z30+ Zeus
2021                      Swedish champions doublehanded offshore mixed with Greta Hjelte Berndolf, sailing Gotland runt race, Dominant 105
2021                      Winner, Hanöregattan and Bornholm runt race, Dominant 105
2021                      Winner class 4, Tjörn runt race, Dominant 105
2021                      Winner qualification series to Allsvenskan and partipcation in mästarnas mästare, helmsman and  skipper, J70
2021                      Winners dubbelt så bra with Greta Hjelte Berndolf, shorthanded, Dominant 105

2020                      8th, Bermuda gold cup, matchracing with Johnie Berntsson, tactician and bow.
2020                     Winner, Fjällmans shorthanded cup, mixed class
2020                     10th in class, Öckerö shorthanded race
2020                     5th, Swedish championships, F18 
2020                     13th in Stockholm archipelago raid, F18
2020                     Winner, Robline Skagen race, doublehanded
2020                     2nd GQSS Göteborg Open sea Race, doublehanded
2020                     5th in class 4, Pantaenius Bohusracet,doublehanded
2020                     Finisher in Midsummer solo challenge
2020                     Winner Stora Oset, doublehanded

2019                     4th in class, Öckerö shorthanded race, Dominant 105
2019                     5th swedish championships 11th on Nordic champ, F18
2019                     17th Stockholm archipelago raid, F18
2019                     3de in class 5th over all, Tjörn runt, Dominant 105
2019                     Winner of class, Pantaenius Bohusracet, 2nd over all.
2019                     2nd Argo Gold Cup, matchracing with Johnie Berntsson,   tactician and bow.

2018                     Winner, Öckerö shorthanded race, Dominant 105
2018                     Winner, Tjörn runt, coastal course, Dominant 105
2018                     Winner, Göteborg Open sea Race, Dominant 105
2018                     Winner, Hermanö runt, Dominant 105
2018                     Nations trophy, Monaco, Swan 50 club bow 

2017                     Nations trophy, Mallorca, Swan 50 club, bow
2017                     Winner, Göteborg Open sea race, Dominant 105
2017                     Winner Öckerö shorthanded race, Dominant 105
2017                     F18 worlds, Vallensbaeck, Denmark
2017                     Winner Tjörn runt, Coastal course, Dominant 105
2017                     2nd in Class ÅF Offshore race, Dominant 105

2016                     2nd on big course, Tjörn runt
2016                     8th on World Matchraing Tour with WAR, M32s

2015                     3de, Match cup Sweden with Kieth Swinton
2015                     M32 Series with WAR
2015                     Winner Göteborg Open Sea Race, Dominant 105
2015                     F18 Worlds, Kiel
2015                     F18, Stockholm Archipelago raid.

2014                     Winner Barts bash, M32, Wallén racing.
2014                     Winner M32 Cup, Skandinavian series, Wallén Racing

2014                     3d in class 11th over all, Tjörn runt, Dominant 105
2014                     Winner class, 2nd over all, Hermanö Runt, Dominant 105
2014                     Winner M32-Gold Cup, Miami, Wallén Racing
2013                     2nd Swedish, Champion of champions, tactician/trim.
2013                     Winner class, 7th overall, Round Tjörn race, Dominant 105, skipper/helmsman.
2013                     4th ORCi class3 European championship in Sandhamn, Landmark 43 doing bow.
2013                     Winner Round Gotland now ÅF offshore race, ORCi, Landmark 43 doing bow.
2013                     2nd ORCi Swedish championship, Landmark 43 doing bow.

2012                     Delivery of Puma MarMostrum VO70 from Hönö(Sweden) to  Hamble(GBR)
2012                     3d Swedish, Champion of champions, bow
2012                     St Moritz match cup, Berntsson sailing team, bow
2012                     Chicago Match cup, Berntsson sailing team, bow
2012                     2d class, 3de overall, Pantaenius Bohusrace, doublehanded race
2012                     Winner class, 2d over all, Watski Skagerrack 2 Star, doublehanded race
2012                     11th Fearder race from Oslo, Dominant 105, skipper.
2012                     2d Big boat race, Marstrand, Dominant 105, skipper/helm.
2012                     Congressional Cup in Long Beach CA, Berntsson sailing team, bow.

2011                     Swedish sailor of the year, Berntsson Sailing Team
2011                     Nordic Championships, Albin Express as tactician
2011                     3d World Matchracing Tour with Johnie Berntsson, bow

2011                     Winner Transatlantic Race, IRC3-class on Zaraffa, bow
2011                     Block Island Race on R/P-66 Zaraffa, bow

2010                     Winner, doublehanded class, Gothenburg offshore race
2010                     4th Swedish open championship in Express, swedens biggest onedesign keelboatclass
2010                     Class Winner, 5th total, Watski Skagerrack 2star, doublehanded offshore race

2009                     ClassWinner, Tjörn runt, 5th total, with 40fot C/R as skipper helmsman.

2008-2009            4th Volvo Ocean Race, on E3 as bowman and helmsman.

2007                     2d Match Cup Sweden with Magnus Holmberg, bow.
2007                     5th Louis Vuitton Cup with Victory Challenge, mastman

2006                     2d Portugal match cup with Magnus Holmberg, bow
2006                     ACT 10-12 in Valencia, with Victory Challenge as mast man & boat captain
2006                     5: e Brazil Sailing Cup with Magnus Holmberg, bow
2005                     6: e Monsoon Cup, Malaysia, match racing with Magnus Holmberg, pitt
2005                     2: d Swedish Match Cup in Marstrand with Magnus Holmberg, bow
2005                     ACT 4&5 in Valencia, ACT 6&7 in Malmö and ACT 8&9 in Trapani with Victory Challenge as mast man and boat captain.
2005                     Cento Cup on Sicily with Johnnie Berntsson as tactician, main trim
2004                     Winner Tjörn Runt with 40fot cruiser/racer as skipper, helmsman.
2004                     Portugal Match Cup, Cascais with Chris Law as bowman
2004                     4th Swedish Match Cup, Marstrand with Chris Law as bowman
2004                     8th X-99 Nordic Championship in Bogense Denmark as tactician and main trimmer
2003                     Winner Gothenburg offshore race, IMS & LYS class with X-99
2003                     X-99 Worlds in Sandefjord Norway as tactician and main trimmer on SWE-593
2003                     Winner Swedish match Cup, Marstrand with Chris Law as bowman
2003                     1: st monohull Round Gotland race with BOLS 93-fot Maxi, Grinder, trimmer
2003                     3: de Nations Cup with Magnus Holmberg, match racing, in Trieste as mast man
2000-2003            Mast man and boat captain Swedish Americas Cup campaign
2002                     Louis Vuitton Cup, all races as mast man on Victory Challenge
2001                     Cup boat training
2001                     2: d Tjörn runt (Sweden’s biggest sailingevent) with Mumm 36
2001                     IMS- European championships in Marstrand sailed as Trimmer, tactician on ILC 40.
2000                     Cup boat training
2000                     Winner Tjörn runt (Sweden’s biggest sailing event) with Mumm 36
1999                     Matchracing training and competition as bowman, tailer.
1999                     3: de IMS- Swedish open championships as pitman on Mumm 36
1998                     Crewtraining Farr 50 sailed as mastman, midbow and pitman.
1998                     Winner Mumm 36 class, Round Gotland Race as Navigator, trimmer.
1998                     Winner IMS- Swedish open championships doing mostly downwindtrim on Mumm 36.
1997                     2: d 6mR worlds in Cannes doing maintrim and runners.
1997                     Winner 6mR Open European Championships in Cannes doing maintrim and runners.
1995-1997            Skipper and helmsman of 40 foot cruiser/racer. 2 time winner of Swedish westcoast series sailing under LYS handicap.